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Smart Defrag

Smart Defrag

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  • Simple interface
  • Schedule tasks
  • Minimizes intrusion


  • Interface is occasionally slow

Very good


Smart Defrag is a tool that allows you to schedule and perform defragmentation operations on your hard disks. This can improve performance of drives, allowing files to be accessed more quickly.

The application has four main sections: State, Automatic Defrag, Boot Time Defrag and Report. The first is where you’ll see details of whatever scan is currently running. It’s also here that you can choose what kind of defrag you want to run – pick between Defrag Only, Defrag and Fast Optimize, or Defrag and Fully Optimize. You can also pause scans or tell Smart Defrag to shut down the computer when it has finished.

Turning on Automatic Defrag means Smart Defrag will reorganize your drives whenever the system is idle. It's a neat solution, as doing a full defrag can be a lengthy and resource-heavy process. There’s also a Boot Time Defrag, which allows you to defragment files that are dangerous to move while Windows is in use. You can set this to run every boot-up, or just once every few days.

Smart Defrag's schedule tab allows defrags to be set up regularly, and in Options there are some very useful settings. Smart Defrag can be set to defrag only when a computer is plugged in (not running on battery power), and also to pause if CPU usage reaches a predetermined percentage.

Smart Defrag is a well designed, effective and flexible application.


Smart Defrag is a FREE, light, and stable disk defragment tool designed for maximum hard drive performance.

Smart Defrag is a safe, stable and easy-to-use disk defragmenter that provides you maximum hard disk performance automatically and intelligently.

With the new generation of ultra-fast defrag engine, Smart Defrag 5 can not only defragment your HDD but also trim your SSD to accelerate disk read/write speed and enhance disk durability. You can easily defrag large files and consolidate free spaces with the newly added Large File Defrag and Free Space Defrag for more efficient defragmentation. Also, you can enjoy top game experience with Game Optimize in Smart Defrag 5.

Smart Defrag


Smart Defrag

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